How We Make It

When we first started roasting, our mission was simple: Make a great cup of coffee and offer a beautiful environment in which you can drink it. In the years since we have opened, we have taken that mission and perfected it. 

We focus on creating a great cup of coffee for you by finding out what makes each coffee unique and finding the best way to highlight those qualities. We are a roaster that takes the whole process from farm to cup very seriously. Whether its origin, variety, region, or processing we want every single step of the process to shine through in our product. 

Our roasters have tried countless coffees throughout the years from very well-known beans, such as Colombia, to more obscure coffees such as pea berries. We have learned to buy in season, as most coffees are not available year-round, nor do they taste their best if they have sat in a warehouse for years. We have roasted and re-roasted coffees to make sure we bring out the best notes that bean has to offer. We make sure to grind coffee right before we brew, and we rotate all our offerings throughout the week to allow customers to try coffees that they may not have otherwise. Lastly, we roast multiple times a week so coffee can always be fresh when you buy our beans.

So, visit us at our retail location or check out our beans online, sit back and enjoy the product of our labor of love!