Weddings are a joyous occasion that celebrates the love and commitment of two individuals. However, a lot of work and time is put in creating a memorable day for both the newlyweds and their guests. Roasted coffee beans can help with providing your guests an unforgettable night by offering espresso bar services. We have highly trained baristas ready to bring the café experience to your event. We provide espresso-based drinks from lattes, americanos and cappuccinos. 

Want to get even more creative? We can include alcohol in our drinks and even provide martini espressos. You can even ask us for personalized coffee favors! We can work with your budget and help you spread the joy of coffee. 

  • We offer incredible a fully staffed coffee experience that makes the perfect addition to your wedding
  • Our highly customizable menu can be tailored just right for your special day 
  • Our process is designed to create no stress on your wedding day, we setup our own equipment and bar, we bring our own knowledgeable baristas, and we wish you and your partner a beautiful life together and then we clean, pack up and go
  • Customizable coffee favors available for your guests
If you are interested in having Roasted Coffee Beans spice up your wedding with a delicious coffee experience, let us know a bit about your wedding and one of our wedding catering experts will reach out to you.