Reward your hard-working staff with amazing coffee in the office. We offer self-managed coffee programs that keep your staff happy, energized and working hard. Our goal is to bring cafe quality coffee to the office by using our hand selected and roasted beans with state-of-the-art coffee machines, all while providing you incredible customer service.

  • We offer a wide variety of office coffee programs tailored for your office's unique needs.
  • Choose from any or many of our carefully selected and perfectly roasted beans from all over the world. Bolivia, Brazil, Sumatra are just a few places we get our beans from. These cafe quality beans are what we provide to our clients.
  • Our equipment is top of the line, our partnership with BUNN allows us to provide coffee makers to your office that can fully extract all the flavours of our incredible beans.
  • We do all the work! We don't just deliver the deliciousness and leave. We make sure the machines are working properly, they are cleaned, and the areas is fully stocked of coffee essentials.
  • If your office is having a special day like a birthday, retirement, promotion etc. let us know and we can organize an in-office party fully catered with food, coffee and snacks 

If you are interested in having Roasted Coffee Beans add a little flavour into your office, let us know below and someone really nice from our team will reach out to you in a short while.



Hotels are a home away from home for parents taking their kids to organized sports, or the businessman travelling for the umpteenth time that month for work, or simply for a family to enjoy a little holiday. Whatever the reason, coffee is an integral part of every one of your guests’ mornings! As coffee roasters that take great pride in choosing quality beans that make a great cup of coffee, we would be honored to serve a busy hotel in that aspect. Let us help you give your guests an exceptional experience.

  • We offer a variety of hotel specific services, from fully managing all your coffee needs to just regular deliveries of our blends.
  • Choose from many of our seasonal coffee offerings that include light, medium or dark roasts.
  • We offer top of the line equipment for your hotels. Our partnership with BUNN allows us to provide equipment that is reliable and large enough to meet all your needs.
  • We service, maintain and clean all our equipment on a regular basis. Our team will make sure your team can keep doing their job.
  • Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn? Whatever the size of your hotel we can work you and your budget to add a little bit of flavour to your guests stay.

If you are interested in having Roasted Coffee Beans in your hotel, let us know a bit about your needs below